6 Scenic Beaches in Accra You Would Love to Visit

Accra is known for its scenic beaches. If you are into beaches then you can’t afford to miss out on a trip to Accra. They are many scenic beaches in Accra, and this blog will give you a taste of the few. You can then decide which one is more suitable for your tastes. Here are Scenic Beaches in Accra You Would Love to Visit.

  1. Labadi Beach

Branded as La Pleasure Beach but has over the years been known as Labadi Beach is one of the busiest beaches on Ghana’s coast. The beach is usually calm on a normal day though there is frequent patronage; the place gets chocked with people on a public holiday since most people want to have a feel of the natural sea breeze. Labadi beach is located in La – Accra.

2. Laboma Beach

Situated along the La – Teshie Rd. in Accra, Laboma beach is an attractive and favourable place during the weekend. At Laboma beach there is an assortment of foods and drinks to select from, prices are modest as well. Very clean environment with nice workers.

3. Vienna City Beach

This is the best place to relax during holidays and ordinary days in Accra. It is located in the heart of La Pleasure Beach on the immediate left from the entrance. It has a Restaurant and Bar stocked with different kinds of drinks and various cocktails and different types of wines with the best of service you cannot find anywhere else. Vienna City beach is known for its standard, Jazz, Country lovers, Rock and Local Music with seasoned DJs on board to give you a taste of good music.

4. Korle Beach Resort

For memorable relaxation, Korle Beach Resort is the best choice in the capital, Accra. This beach resort is located along the Old Winneba Rd. in Korle Gonno – Accra. It’s one of the best places to enjoy the cool sea breeze whiles reflecting on life issues. There are a variety of foods, drinks and grilled meats available. 

5. Nordsee Beach Resort

Nordsee Beach Resort, Accra is conveniently located on the Atlantic Coast of West Africa in Accra, Ghana, off the Old Winneba Rd, Korle Gonno. At Nordsee beach, guests or tourists are presented with unique opportunities to savour Ghanaian tradition and hospitality without compromising state-of-the-art conveniences. The beach resort has a friendly and dedicated team that ensures you have a pleasant and wonderful stay. Be their guest and relax in a tropical setting.

6. Bojo Beach Resort

Are you looking for a scenic place to sit down and have a spectacular view of the sun as it sets down? Then Bojo beach is the right place. Located at Kokrobite next to the Densu River Delta, Ramsar site and the Atlantic Ocean, Bojo beach is where discerning guests choose to come for vacation, play and live their dreams. Bojo beach also presents its visitors with a series of exciting and adventurous experiences that will keep them coming back every time the opportunity presents itself. 

We hope you enjoyed our blog about the Scenic Beaches in Accra you would love to visit. If you’re looking to relax and have a nice getaway, we hope you’ll consider these beaches. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime at Thanks for reading!

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