Accra's best cafe shop

 Accra’s best cafe shops 

Choosing the top café shop in Ghana might feel hard. In Ghana, people aren’t known for drinking lots of coffee, but these café shops keep growing each day. If you need a break from work, or you’re working from somewhere else, or you want a spot for an important meeting, Locale Place has some of the best cafes in Accra for you to choose from.

Vida E Caffè

Vida e Caffè means ‘life and coffee’ in Portuguese. Their coffee is essential for many, like the beat of a heart. It’s inspired by cozy cafés in Portugal and the lively spirit of Africa. Unlike most cafés in Accra, Vida Café has plenty of seating and outlets. 

It’s a popular place to meet people, especially for those in business or creative fields. Many entrepreneurs and artists gather at Vida. They offer a wide range of food and drinks, from sandwiches to rice bowls, along with various coffee options to explore! Junction Mall, Spintex Road, Finatrade Building Airport, Cantonments, East Legon, Labone and  Villagio.

Second Cup

The famous coffee chain, Second Cup, has just opened in Accra and is quickly becoming popular. You can find them at the Accra Mall and Achimota Retail Centre, making it easy to meet up for quick chats. 

Second Cup offers really good and reasonably priced coffee, but their special smoothies are what everyone loves. It’s a great place for brunch or afternoon meetings.

It is one of the best cafes in the city because of its great service and handy locations.

The Good Baker 

Situated in East Legon, Accra, Ghana, The Good Baker is a delightful coffee shop where you can satisfy your craving for a tasty cup of coffee and delicious pastries. They offer a variety of freshly baked goods every day at affordable prices, including bread, brownies, and cookies.

Whether you need a quick energy boost in the morning or a cozy spot to hang out with friends, The Good Baker is the perfect place to go. It has limited indoor seating, so it’s best to arrive early if you want to work from there and snag a seat with air conditioning. If the indoor seats are taken, you can still enjoy your treats outdoors. Second cup has its branches in Airport, Osu and  Palace

If you love coffee or have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to visit The Good Baker on Garden Street in Accra.

Cafe Accra 

Cafe Accra is a top spot for breakfast, brunch, and lunch in Accra. Although it’s small, it serves up delicious breakfast choices. From lemony crepes to yummy Oreo pancakes, you’re in for a treat at Cafe Accra! It might not be the best place to work since it’s popular for socializing and eating, but you could still bring your laptop and get some work done if you like.

Theia Coffee House 

The Theia Coffee House is in a great spot at John Churcher Loop, 2nd Patrice Lumumba Ln. (The Anchor), Airport Residential Area. It’s away from the noise of the city, making it a peaceful place to visit. If you need a quick breakfast before work, a relaxed spot for a business meeting, or just want to catch up with a friend, Theia Coffee House is perfect for you.

Inside, it feels like a mix of a library and a coffee shop, but there’s limited seating, so it’s best to arrive early if you want to sit inside!

Jamestown Coffee Company  

Jamestown Coffee Company is one of the best cafes in Accra that I like now. It’s called Jamestown Coffee Warehouse, and you can find it in Osu. The place used to be a warehouse but now it’s turned into a café. Jamestown Coffee has a great reputation for freshly roasted coffee and hosting great events that unite the community.

From panel discussions to live music nights and brunch parties, Jamestown Coffee Company is a great place to be if you’re looking to meet some new people and get some work done while doing it! 

Their menu has a good range of prices. They don’t just serve Ghanaian food, though. You can try things like salmon crepes, seafood pasta, and burgers. And they have their own special coffee too. It’s called Jamestown Coffee Roasters, and it’s made right here in Ghana. 

Little Paris Cafe 

There’s this pretty café in Accra called Little Paris. It feels like you’re in France because they have yummy French pastries. They have a product range that includes freshly baked artisan morning pastries, artisan bread, and fine pâtisseries, alongside a selection of savory snacks, sandwiches, and coffees, to eat in or takeaway. 

Finding good baked treats in Accra is difficult, but Little Paris has them. They display them nicely so you can pick your favorite.

They work daily to select the finest ingredients to offer high-quality products. But most importantly they try to make you feel special on every occasion. Walk in at Shiashie/Boundary Road or ANC Mall locations to taste the experience.

Cafe kwae 

Situated on the ground floor of the famous One Airport Square building, this café is a cozy spot influenced by a love for delicious, simple food and a passion for traveling. It’s a new addition to 

Accra’s café scene. They serve classic recipes and drinks mixed with locally sourced alcohol. It’s perfect for meeting up during the day or having drinks before going to a club!

If you’re hungry for more, they have a variety of salads, sliders, and sandwiches. You can also enjoy main courses like grouper and chicken with chips. 

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