December in Ghana 2022

Ghana is preparing for another festive season, and if you thought the ‘Beyond the Year of Return’ of the last 3 years, which drew 355,108 African diaspora members in 2021, heralds the end of tourism in Ghana, your viewpoint will shift after reading this post.

Ghana held its name as the Gold Cost as a transit point for slavery during the slave trade. As a result, ‘The Year of Return’ was established by the Ghanaian government in 2019 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first recorded arrival of enslaved Africans in America. With over 1.13 million visitors recorded in that year, Ghana established itself as the leading tourist destination in Africa.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying travel restrictions had an impact on the number of visitors to the country, which was down from the previous year, the second edition, “Beyond the Year of Return,” was nonetheless a success, uplifting Ghana’s tourism Industry both locally and internationally.

‘December in GH’ 2022 / Christmas in Ghana

the Ministry of Tourism and the Ghana Tourism Authority in August 2022, launched ‘December in GH’ to encompass and promote all events scheduled in the month of December 2022 to Ghanaians, as well as attract many more visitors to the country in the hopes of financial returns and patronage.

Many Ghanaians who have witnessed and experienced the fun buzz of Accra during the festive season believe that ‘December in GH’ 2022 will be an event of massive turnout and global recognition as the number one tourist destination in Africa. Here are a few justifications for why this is the ideal moment to reserve that Accra apartment and be part of the “WE OUTSIDE” or “Abonten” Party Vibe.

Major Concerts

Accra will host a number of global and international concerts in December this year. Just recently, The African Union’s 20th anniversary was recently marked and celebrated with the Global Citizen Festival at the Black Star Square in Accra featuring many international stars such as Usher, Tems, Sarkodie, SZA, Stonebwoy, and Stormzy, to name a few. The ticket-free event is said to be a model for December’s events.

As a result, Afro Nation, the world’s largest urban/Afrobeats beach party, will return for the second time on the 29th and 30th of December 2022 at the Black Star Square on Marine Drive. Global stars such as Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Davido, among others, are expected to be festival highlights.

This event will provide a platform for fans, travellers, and many locals to connect or reconnect with the continent and its culture through arts and music.

Moving on, Afrochella is also scheduled for this December. Over the years, Afrochella has drawn the attention of both Ghanaians and foreigners and has become one of the major events many people look forward to during the festive season.

Even though we did not mention other events scheduled for December 2022, it is a well-known fact that keeping up with the programmes and events happening in Accra in December is difficult.

Our next post will be solely dedicated to the events, their dates, and everything else you will need to know to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

Tourist Sites

Ghana is a beautiful and blessed country to live in or visit on occasion. To some extent, the number of tourist attractions available for visitors is limitless. The country’s historical significance, cultural value, political significance, nature, natural or built beauty, many amusement parks as well as unique facilities make it the ideal destination for all pleasures.

#visitGhana2022 is a popular hashtag trending on many social media platforms among millennials and Gen- Z’s. Check it out as well to get informed on many tourist sites to visit in Ghana.

Finally, the numerous tourist attractions are made affordable to both ordinary citizens and foreign visitors. Visit a couple of places during the holiday season or when you arrive.


Africans, according to some research, have distinct taste buds from Europeans and Asians. Accordingly, this should reflect in tastes of cuisines that identify and resonate with the 54 countries that make up the continent of Africa. Even though some have similar names, such as jollof rice, the ingredients, and method of preparation differ.

Upon arrival in December, make haste and try some local cuisine, and put your taste buds to the test in trying to identify the rich tastes and flavors of each delicacy. Most restaurants and eateries purposefully create affordable and local cuisines for the many visitors who want to try them. The Ghanaian household is equally likely to prepare a feast for the family that includes a wide variety of local dishes. If you have friends or family in Ghana, it’s not a bad time to pay them a visit to get a taste of what local homemade food tastes like.

Ghana’s rise as an ideal tourist destination has also brought numerous benefits to the Ghanaian market, including the real estate sector. Rental properties have been in high demand in the last quarter of 2019, and 2020. 2022 is no expectation as ‘December in GH’ is expected to be the record-breaking year where more travelers visit the country, Ghana.

Finally, the Ghanaian weather, with its bright sunshine, makes the country a pleasant place to visit all year round. Even though the festive season is usually the recommended period, the non-festive days can also be a delight especially if you prefer a less crowded country as well as relatively lower prices on food, transportation, and lodging.

Make this December a memorable one, follow Xperience Ghana For more detail on this year’s festivities.