Domestic Airlines and Flight Fees in Ghana 2022/2023

For many years, the aviation sector of Ghana has been expanding, with growth being recorded year after year and so has the travel industry. We have seen the introduction of new carriers, better infrastructure and better standards at our airports. There are many people who travel every year, a lot of them for business purposes and some of these people use domestic airlines more than others. These airlines below have optimized their products with Ghana aviation regulations In offering the best services:

Africa World Airlines in Ghana

Passion Air

Aerogem Aviation Ghana Airlines

Air Ghana local flights in Ghana.

Antrak Airlines in Ghana.

Gianair Airline companies in Ghana.

Royal Fly –GH Airline.

Starbow Airlines.

Gian Air

In Ghana, how many domestic airlines are operational?

Ghana currently has two functional domestic airlines that fly in Ghana, which are;

Africa World Airlines

Passion Air

Domestic Flight Fees in Ghana.

The flight fees for airlines is not quite straightforward as a lot of factors come into play to determine the pricing. Some of these factors are;

Airline you choose

Season of booking

Class you want to fly in (Economy, Business, First Class, etc.)

Domestic Flight Standard Fees in Ghana

Here is the average cost of each amount charged by airlines to key cities from Accra and visversa.

Departure           Destination                         Average Price (GHS)

Accra                     Kumasi                              GHC 320

Accra                     Sekondi-Takoradi             GHC 432

Accra                     Tamale                               GHC 405

Is a passport required for domestic flights in Ghana?

In as much a passport is a legal identification document for travel, you do not need a passport for domestic flights in Ghana. However, you will need a valid Identification Card or documentation to be able to fly domestically.

You can use A valid identification Card such as the ECOWAS Card (Ghana Card), Voter ID or any other legally binding identification card.

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