The Inter tourism Expo happened at the Accra International Conference from 28th to the 30 of September under the theme optimizing destination Ghana and the tourism industry. The event brought together key tourism industry players to exhibit and educate individuals about the tourism industry and further Elevate our culture, heritage, businesses and people to a worldwide standard. The Expo climaxed with an agricultural tour which is the Nsaa Cocoa Festival at Ohene Cocoa farm located Oworem-Asamankese in the Eastern region.

The tour entourage gathered and moved in a fully air-conditioned bus kind courtesy of the interstate transportation corporation (STC) at the Accra Tourism Centre located around the flagstaff house which holds the seat of the presidency and directly opposite the Afrikiko restaurant. The entourage set off at 8:30 am, making our way through 37, Achimota, Pokuase, Nsawam, to Asamankese and finally to our destination The Oworem – Ohene Cocoa farm.

Upon our arrival, the entourage was welcomed with a colourful display of cultural dance and drumming and was warmly received by Nana Aduna, the Okyenhene of the Akuapem Traditional Area. The Nsaa is an adinkra symbol that denotes and implies Excellence. The Nsaa Adinkra symbol reflects the saying “nea onnim nsaa no ɔtɔ n’ago”, which he translates as “He who does not know the authentic quality will buy the fakes.” Ghana Has been Growing cocoa for over 200 years and the Ohene Cocoa farm has been part of the cocoa harvesting in Ghana for over 100 years.

 Ohene cocoa farm in partnership with Republic bank, Zeepay, Fairafric Chocolate and inter tourism Expo brought together the Nsaa Cocoa festival.

The Entourage led by Mr. Malek took toured the cocoa farm. The Ohene Cocoa farm occupies a land size of 82 Acres, with about 45 acres of Cocoa crops. The Farm has 3 different trails name after key influential people within the community. The tour began from the Nana Kofi Yirenkyi Trail where the entourage was taken through the flowering to the harvesting stage of cocoa pods.

With cocoa plants, from its flowering to harvesting takes about 90 days which is 3 months. Cocoa harvest picking is a difficult task and one of the biggest challenges lies in telling when the pods are ripe. The ripped pod can be identified through the yellowish to brown color of the pod. Even though the pod may identify as ripe, most farmers leave the pod for a 2-3 weeks period but harvest is done on the plantation all year round. At the Ohene farm, they can harvest an average of 6 bags per acre making 384 kilograms and a bag of cocoa beans goes for Six hundred and sixty Ghana Cedis.

The entourage then made its way to the Nana Aduna Trial. In Ghana, most farmers harvest the Criollo cocoa spices from Spain which is the yellow pod cocoa and the Trinitario. The Trinitario cocoa spices is a hybrid of the Criollo and the Forastero, also from Spain and hold a Reddish – Wine coloured pod.

For lunch, the entourage was served a mixture of locally roasted corn, plantain, yaw with Kobi (salted fish) with grilled chicken to an open buffet of jollof rice with chicken, fried yam, Kelewele (fried plantain) and Kaakolo (fried plantain puree) and washed down with a cold Sobolo and Asaana drink with sweet melodies from the Fontomfrom.

The Tour ended on a colourful picture capturing session, where the entourage showed off their beautiful smiles and hilarious picture poses and then made their way back to Accra.