Inter Tourism Expo 2021: “Teach and Educate the Youth In Tourism” – Youth Tourism Ambassador to Government

Youth Tourism Ambassador for Ghana; Mr. Joseph Amarh Amartey has called on the government to educate the youth on tourism for the sake of posterity. According to him, the government needs to put measures in place to entice and educate the youth on tourism and arts.

He spoke at the 2nd edition of the Inter tourism Expo, Accra organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture to promote brands, destinations, products and services from the African continent.

The Youth Tourism Ambassador for Ghana, Mr. Joseph Amarh Amartey said,

“Do more of tourism education and it’s one of the reasons why tourism society of Ghana was established and we started from basic schools because we feel that, the already matured group, there’s nothing you ca n do to change the way they think.

The best way you can make this happen is to go down to the grassroots. Start from the young ones .Let them know what they belong to. Who they are and what they are doing and the Value of what they are doing and in Some few years to come, the youth would begin to appreciate the sector”.

Traditional Dance Display by the School of Creative Arts Performance Team @iNTTA Expo Accra 2021

He further asked the government to engage the Youth in major tourism discussions in Ghana. According to him, this would make the youth grow and appreciate the sector.

” You see people meeting and discussing issues of importance to the development of the nation but the youth are always denied access.  This has been a big challenge which happens because of our Ghanaian culture. We pay so much respect to the elderly which is right but it is about time we really opened doors for the Youth to be part of decision making so that we can unearth our talents with that the youth can grow and appreciate the sector whatever we are doing as an industry”.

Inter Tourism Expo Accra saw various speakers across the world share their experiences on tourism on the theme Optimizing Destination Ghana; our people brands and culture.

Inter tourism Expo, Accra is a leading Tourism and   Trade Show organized by Global signature GH under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture hosted in Accra to promote it brands destination, products and services.

The event took place at the Accra International Conference Centre from the 28th to 30th September 2021.