Night Shopping In Accra

In some ways, Accra hold different hustles room the early morning risers to the late commers and lastly the night bloomers. Apart from Accra’s nightlife, its night markets are exciting. These sites can be a lifesaver in times of need or possibly in the event of nighttime cravings. As there are nocturnal individuals, who prefer to engage majority of their tasks after dusk. The number of people attempting to overcome the odds by making purchases after sundown may surprise you.

There is a belief that commodities purchased in night markets are considerably less expensive than usual prices. Nevertheless, the inability to thoroughly evaluate these things in natural light may be a valid justification for a price decrease. What are the chances that the shoes, bags, or clothing I just bought will look good in daylight? Because of this, caution must be exercised to prevent paying the price for an original product or a hand me down’s or a copycat product. Most people have to go through the bend-down boutique style of shopping, where they have to forage through item to fine one that specifically suits their eye.

Nonetheless, those who are unfamiliar with night markets may have questions regarding their benefits and drawbacks, as well as how they operate. Here is your comprehensive guide to night shopping in Ghana’s fascinating capital city of Accra in case you fall into that category.


Osu is a bustling city that never sleeps! It is renowned for having a lively nightlife that draws both locals and visitors. Vendors now have the chance to provide 24-hour services to meet the demands of the numerous party ravers and other night owls. As a result, there are several food vendors and street sellers selling African fabrics, accessories, and various trinkets and baubles on the streets of Osu.

You can head to Osu to sate your nighttime needs because a few stores, eateries, pharmacies, and bars, to name a few, are open for business.


The Tema, specifically Community 2 market is well-known and crowded among residents of Tema and nearby areas. The market is open every day of the week and is mostly for the purchasing and selling of items. Due to their hectic schedules and the lower pricing at night, busy workers frequently take advantage of its convenience.

Vendors that sell during the day are run primarily by market women, in contrast to those who do so at night. Farm products, appliances, textiles, and food are just a few of the things that are sold.

It is a spot to visit for late-night desires as well because to its lively atmosphere and accessibility via numerous forms of transportation. Long after the sun sets, you can still find waakye, kenkey, smoked salmon, indomie, and just about anything else you can find during business hours.


Lapaz is a well-known international city that is regarded as being quite commercial. It has many rental homes and is a great place to do late-night shopping. Typically, Lapaz’s street vendors and hawkers place signs identifying their items and products along the city’s streets or the typical bend-down boutique. Shoes, bags, clothing, furniture, make-up, food, and just about everything else that might be required are among the products sold.

Late-night commuting to and from Lapaz and other sections of the city is possible because to the availability of public transportation.


Many people choose to take intercity and cross-country buses that travel significant distances from Circle. The transportation services at Circle often operate around-the-clock, with many of these buses falling into the basic and premium categories.

The night market contains a large number of street vendors and hawkers offering food, clothing, shoes, bags, and electrical equipment to the many people that arrive or are scheduled to travel during the later hours. The night market is perfect for meeting the requirements and wants of travelers.

Although it is very convenient to load up and board buses at Circle, especially in an emergency, be aware that crime is rife there and that it is strongly advised to keep an eye on your belongings at all times while there as there may be a few dishonest people waiting to rob you of them at the slightest lapse in attention.


The Ashaiman night market is at the top of the list thanks to its lively and busy atmosphere. Given the size of the city, the night market meets the needs of a large number of workers that commute along its path or reside inside its bounds.

Similar to Circle, Ashaiman offers a large number of bus terminals for both long and short trips. Late-night vendors are available to serve the diverse demands of these commuters.

Shopping for clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and other items at the Ashaiman night market is enjoyable regardless of who these services are likely to please because a good deal will result in a sizable price decrease for the item.


From early riser at dawn to late comer in the afternoon and night bloomers, kantamto is a market for shopping at all hours of the day. The most immediate sounds of Kantamanto are the sellers working to attract their customers. “Ten – Ten, one – one, twenty – twenty cedi,” called out by sellers in a high-pitched voice. Kantamanto Is mostly patronized for it dawn shopping, the Accra Capital for secondhand clothing, but also spare parts, household decorations. There is a covered indoor market, a market outside that extends onto surrounding sidewalks, and sellers with shops inside of cement buildings. Kantamanto has distinct market divisions and a sense of order much like a conventional department store in the West. In this situation, vendors specialize (selling a certain kind of item) and group together to attract the most potential customers.

Notably, it is not rare to run into party revelers in Accra while out late-night shopping, whether they are worn out from the night’s festivities or just out for a stroll. People who are fatigued typically look to street sellers for food and refreshments. The taste of street food is rumored to alter, particularly after a crazy night.

A party raver’s night is typically punctuated with noodles, late-night waakye, kelewele, “check check,” smoked fish and banku, yam chips, or potato chips.


Numerous more fascinating features of the city, particularly those that are local, reflect the way of life and manner of living. Try out the night market first to support the late-night sellers.