Passport Application in Ghana: A Systematic Process on How to Apply for Passport in Ghana

A passport is a fundamental right to which every citizen is entitled. Any Ghanaian citizen can go through the passport application process and receive a Ghanaian passport within days.  Ghana online passport application has now been extended to all Passport Application Centers (PACs) across the country. Previously, it was only available in Accra, but this is no longer the case.

Ghanaian Passport

Any Ghanaian who needs a passport can apply online. The normal online passport application process takes about a month to receive your passport, but there is also the express service that should deliver your passport within 2 weeks. The entire passport application process has been digitized in recent years. It’s about responding to the thousands of passport applications every day. This blog will shed light on the passport application process in 2021.


Before you get started with applying for a passport in Ghana, take a look at the following list of requirements for a Ghanaian passport.

Birth Certificate (Proof of Ghanaian Citizenship)

You need a new biometric birth certificate. If you still have the old birth certificate, you must get a new one from the Birth and Death Registry in your region of birth. The Birth and Death Office is the only place where you can get an official birth certificate in Ghana.

A Ghanaian Birth Certificate

Official Form of Identification

In addition to your Ghanaian birth certificate, you will need another official proof of identity, such as a driver’s license, Ghana Card or a valid Voter’s ID.

National Identification Card

Proof of Profession

You must prove that you are a worker if you are of legal age. A cover letter from your employer or even your work ID if you have one will suffice. The ID must have your name, the name of the company you work for, and your position within the company. If you are running your own business, business registration documents will be required. Workers in the informal sector will not be required to prove their profession.

Proof of Profession (Staff ID Card)

Ghana Passport Application Process

The first thing to know when applying for a Ghana passport is that there are different types of application for different needs. Some people may need a passport faster than others, so they can pay more for the same passport, which should be available in less time. The table below shows the different types of applications and the price of the passport in Ghana.

Available Application Types

1Expedited Application 48 PagesGHS 200.00
2Expedited Application 32 PagesGHS 150.00
3Standard Application 32 PagesGHS 100.00
4Standard Application 48 PagesGHS 150.00
Ghana Passport Application Process and Their Prices


Payments can be made through banks and mobile money accounts listed on the website. You have the option to pay for a standard request or an urgent request. Standard application can take between one month and 3 months. However, the accelerated application process can be completed within 2 weeks.

The Ghana passport application process begins at You must create an account on the website by registering. Once you have created an account on, you will be directed to the passport page where you can login to your account.

Registration at is mandatory if you wish to obtain a Ghanaian passport. Old passport holders who wish to renew their passports must register at Once done, they will be directed to where you can continue the process. This new directive is mandatory.

Once you have selected the application type and made the payment, you will need to upload certain documents to your profile to complete the process. Some of the documents needed include birth certificates, statement letters, police reports, the State Gazette and a certificate of naturalization if needed. These should all be scanned and uploaded to your profile.

Once all your files are ready and payment has been made, an email will be sent to you with a time for the scheduled checkout process. You can also download a verification appointment receipt which you must download and present during the verification process.

Passport Vetting Process

The verification process is the last stage of the passport application process where you have to meet with an officer at the Accra passport office, near the general registration department. You will be interviewed by an officer to confirm your identity. A passport size photo will also be taken and you will receive the passport collection date at the same location.

Passport Application for Persons Below 18-Years

All children under the age of 18 who require a passport must comply with the following requirements: a birth certificate and a parent or guardian identity document. Once these requirements are met, anyone under the age of 18 can apply for a Ghanaian passport.

Passport Office Contact

If you need to contact the passport office with any issues, you can contact them on 030 700 8222.

Location Address of Passport Application Centres in Ghana

1Accra PACKinbu Road (Old Foreign Affairs)
2Kumasi PACGuggisberg Road, Opposite PWD, Adum, Ministries
3Takoradi PACGhana Immigration Head Quarters (Within the Regional Administration)
4Sunyani PACAdjacent to Jubilee (shares a wall with the park)
5Ho PACRegional Administration (Shares building with Immigration)
6Tamale PACPolice Park (Old Library)
7Ridge PACRidge
8Premium PAC – AccraAccra Digital Centre, Adjacent State Housing Company, Ring Road West, Accra
9Tema PACFormer IRS Office, Community 4, Tema
10Koforidua PACPWD Office, SSNIT Office Area, Koforidua.
11Premium PAC – Kumasi2nd Floor, Thankful Heights Building, Adum, Kumasi
Passport Application Centres in Ghana


Digitizing the passport application process is a step in the right direction for a country like Ghana. From a public account, generally the process is smooth.

The large number of people who need passports every day can cause delays in receiving passports on the specified date. But overall, the process is pretty easy. Let us know in the comments below if you have tried the Ghana passport online application process before and what you think about it.