Popular culture is the dominant and a widely-accepted culture at the time or in the relevant society associated with a specific demographic. A society’s popular culture includes a range of accepted beliefs, ideas about the world and its institutions, and norms, values, and practices. The culture can be spread through books, television, movies, and many other sources. Popular culture is a reflection of the attitudes, beliefs, goals, and desires of a culture and its generation. For Ghanaian young adults in this new world of entertainment, they are more likely to identify with the world beyond the borders of Ghana. 

Pop culture has changed the Ghanaian society of both the young and old in their approach to most social conversations. In as much as pop culture is beginning to grow on people, there are some preconceived perceptions about people associated with these identities that turn into ridicule and stereotype. Thus, these organizations seek to educate and elevate pop culture

Free the youth 

As the name suggests “Free the Youth” is an NGO collective of creative minds determined to empower the youth in Africa through art, fashion scene and creative consciousness. This globally recognized brand was formed in 2013 by Jonathan Coffie and Kelly Foli, Shace Winfred Mensah and Maposh Richard Ormano. The brand creates mostly Ghanaian themed merchandise that is supported and endorsed by the likes of Virgil Abloh, Vic Mensah, Sarkodie, Kwesi Authur, NSG and others. 

Free the Youth is shaping the look of youth culture, urban streetwear and fast fashion on the continent and beyond with thought-provoking designed print T-shirts, sweaters, paper shirts, denim and other merchandise. Free the youth has collaborated and featured by renowned fashion insiders such as Vogue, Highsnobiety and OkayAfrica.

Recently, Free the youth partnered with Jameson, Black sheriff, Amaarae to host a pop-up sale and also launch the opening for the Free the youth HQ.

Accra dot Alt 

ACCRA [dot] ALT is a creative collective for the world known for Chale wote Festival in Jamestown, Accra. The organization seeks to catapult art, music and other art forms especially in Ghana to the international world. This movement came to life in 2009 with conversations with creatives and artists about how to build momentum for our work, thus have annually organized events, workshops and talk forums that stand fast to the vision for more than seven years later, the network has expanded into a year-round cultural outlet. This network has become a one-of-a-kind movement in West Africa. ACCRA [dot] ALT is a launchpad for African alternative music, video, art and urban/pop culture.

As there is a viable, global industry for African content out. Accra Dot Alt with this in mind came together with artists and creators to develop fresh content through photography projects, short films, music videos, merchandise, and commercial advertising.

Accra Dot Alt works with a rapidly expanding crew of artists, writers, designers and other creative professionals to produce our events like:

The Talk Party Series – a monthly discussion, film screening, performer showcase and networking session

 CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival- a street art festival in the middle of James Town, an urban fishing community in central Accra every August 

SABOLAI RADIO – an annual indie music festival featuring emerging Ghanaian and international artists in December.

Lokko House 

Lokko House is a unique Ghanaian establishment dedicated to cultivating and promoting Accra’s urban art, fashion and creative culture. Lokko house was Founded in 2008 by Creative Entrepreneur, Stefania Manfreda. For the past 10 years, Lokko house has changed the narrative of challenges and issues faced by young creatives in finding spaces for their arts. 

“It has been our mission from the onset to ensure that we are the meeting point and intersecting platform where shoppers, students, professionals, creatives and public or private institutions connect to exchange thoughts, products and experiences powered by a healthy dose of creativity. Collaboration and community have been at the centre of our activities, connecting multiple forms of creative expression under one roof and a space in which to discover a new Africa the visionary way.”

Located on the F604/1 Lokko Rd, Accra, Lokko house has become the blustering merchandise for organizations, 8brands and artists like AKWAABA CLOTHING, Free the youth, surf Ghana, Manifest, Worlasi, Jameson to a viable market both domestic and international.

Ghana is known for its rich cultural heritage. A lot of these aspects have been embedded into Ghanaian pop culture. This cultural heritage is a source of diversity and it is a clear demonstration of the importance of cultural integration and exchange. Stick with us and we’d take you through all the aspects of Ghana’s popculture.