Recreational Parks in Ghana

There are many recreations Centre in Ghana that offer recreational activities to people from all walks of life and ages. These activities include swimming, boxing, running and a host of others. These centres were deliberately created to give people and they loved a place to share and experience adventure and engage in momentary activities. Everyone has that one activity that they would like to partake in or would push them out of their comfort zones. 

If you feel the need to go out and have fun, here are some recreational parks in Ghana; their locations and cost. 

  1. Deon Recreational Center

A recreational Centre is a space that is used by many people for amusement and pleasure. It’s an area that allows users to enjoy themselves and relax such as through the use of gym equipment, table tennis, and other such areas. But Deon recreational Centre gives you a different view of the recreational Centre, from GO cart, football, Archery, Kayaking, Swimming to another host of events, Deon recreation Centre welcomes you to its humble abode. All these activities range at a cost from 5 – 100gh respectively. The Centre also has a scenic open-air restaurant that serves a host of delicious dishes.

2. Mabbina Park

Mabbina is a dynamic recreational park with attractions such as an obstacle course, a climbing wall which is the first of its kind in Ghana and many team building activities. Once you find yourself in Asuogyaman, Akosombo – Ghana, Enjoy and share the Mabbina Experience with Family and friends like no other. Mabbina…. Your Happy Place! 

3. Legon Botanical Garden

It is a beautiful outdoor play space for persons of all ages. The Legon Botanical Gardens is located in Legon – Accra, Ghana’s capital city. The garden is a tropical botanical garden of international repute in the eco-tourism industry of Ghana and the world at large, intending to create an environment Where People Conference Within the scenic environment of Nature. Activities at Legon Botanical Gardens are designed for all persons irrespective of your age, from High Rope Course to Children’s Playground to Junior Rope Course, Canoeing, Canopy Walk, Bird Watching, Fishing, to Cycling. All these activities come at a rate ranging between 10 to 30 Ghana cedis excluding the entry fee.

4. Efua Sutherland Park

Efua Sutherland Park is a public park for children located opposite The National Theatre at West Ridge in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. It was started in 1979 and known as Accra Children’s Park or Ridge Park and later renamed after Ghanaian playwright and children’s author, Efua Sutherland. 

5. The Trident

Located at Akwamufie – Akosombo on the 2 Trident Cl, the trident is a Brave Hearts Expeditions with new and exciting adventure courses like The Odyssey which is the option of the full gauntlet of adventures on the Trident and starts with a total 2km hike of the Trident Peak. The boat ride from the Trident reception takes you to an abseil off the iconic Adome Bridge. On the return to the Trident reception, the mandatory capsize drill adventure will happen before the 1km kayaking foray to the island of the Trident begins. After snacks, Adventurers will practice their strategy skills with our paintball contests before heading back on the return kayaking foray to the reception of the Trident. This option includes snacks, water, and non-alcoholic beverage at only 400-GHS/adult and 300-GHS/child.

We hope you enjoyed our article about recreation centres/parks in Ghana. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and kayaking when you know where to go. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy nature with your family and friends! Follow Xperience Ghana for updates on tours to visit these sites.