Seven Most Visited Vacation Destinations in Ghana

Ghana is a beautiful country that has so much to offer for tourists. The 2018 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report ranked Ghana as the 15th most attractive country in Africa for tourists. The report further indicated that Ghana’s hospitality industry was the most competitive in sub-Saharan Africa. The capital of Ghana, Accra which by far is the smallest but yet busy city with many vacation spots, things to see, nightlife spots and exciting activities to partake in, both the remote areas and the capital. Ghana itself holds national parks, forest reserves, resorts, tourist sites and getaway homes/destinations within the various regions that you might want to disappear to distress and rejuvenate the body, spirit and mind. Waking up to the calls and chirping of the birds, elephants trumpeting and monkeys grunting; to mention a few, opens up a whole new vista of opportunities during your holiday getaway. If you are equally looking to catch the rise of a full moon, sending shimmering slivers of silver across the sea or just looking forward to taking the hustle and grind off your head, here some trendy vacation spots in Ghana that you must visit;

Treasure Island

Located in the heart of the most magical place in Ghana, Treasure Island Hotel & Resorts, in Ada Foah which is two hours’ drive from Accra, provides a truly extraordinary backdrop for your Ghana vacation, getaway or meetings.  The island speaks true to Beautiful tropical landscaping, tranquil waterways & classic art and architecture work together to create a stunning landmark in the midst of one of the most spectacular places on earth, situated right near the Volta River and The Gulf of Guinea estuary. An environment of elegance and sophistication awaits you, as Treasure Island Hotel & Resort holds spectacular water slides and unique architecture to their incredibly comfortable guest rooms, 12D Cinema, Game Room, Horse Back Riding, Camel Riding and others. The island offers the ultimate escape just moments away from the thrill and excitement.


This high-end resort boasts special catered treatment with a splash of luxury in a serene environment. Located in Gomoa Fetteh, in the Central Region of Ghana, its beautiful chalets with names such as ‘Take It Easy’, ‘Maybe Later’, ‘Live Slow’ and the beautiful rooms with en-suite baths available for visitors give off a positive vibe. Also, their top-notch cuisine, which is inclusive of continental and African dishes is something to look forward to. The Deluxe private members’ club is open to non-members between Mondays to Fridays for a nice swim, a meal or a drink at the bar. Especially for couples, your potential honeymoon destinations cannot be complete without considering the White Sand Beach. Make sure to visit to enjoy the best services from the staff.

Hideout Lodge

Imagine waking up to embracing breeze from the sea, as the sun rises over the steadily moving turtles. Welcome to the hideout lodge, locate in the western region on the beautiful Butre Beach. Surrounded by historic and national landmarks like Fort Batenstein, The Hideout lodge is a place that hold cultural and displays scenic landscaping with the sea of the west. looking for a place where you can spend a week or two to rest and enlighten your soul, the lodge offers a beach front accommodation and delighting activities like Sea turtle watching and protection, night bonfire, Canoeing , surfing and others.


Making it the go-to place for friends, family or couples, this luxury eco-friendly valley situated in the Akuapem Mountain of the Okere District should definitely be your next stop if you like eco-friendly resorts. The emphasis which is more on the forest resources, the wildlife, theatre, art and culture equally incorporates animals making it easy to engage with them without fear. Calm and relatively docile wild animals such as antelope, zebras and giraffes can be seen at the Aburi Safari Valley. Fun is equally not left out as the resort boasts of a big sports arena: the nine-hole golf course, a full-size pitch, a basketball court, lawn tennis court for lawn tennis enthusiasts, a very clean and professional horse stable, a well-equipped gym with a spa are all at your service and pleasure. The chalets have accommodations for singles, couples and large family sizes. Their restaurant has a beautiful view of the hill with state-of-the-art modern architecture. A conference area and a building for ceremonial events is at the disposal of individuals looking to combine a getaway with business.


Before we dive into the details of this beautiful resource reserve, make sure to hide your food from those adorable baboons, they will play with you and steal your food! Shai Hills offers a moderate hike through the top of the Mogu caves and the cultural sites with informative and hard-working guards assigned to answer questions, take you through the map, provide the history of the reserve, its ancestral affiliates, the story of the name behind the caves, and other services. The tour is either taken on foot or with a vehicle while you enjoy the view of beautiful zebras, antelopes, monkeys and birds in their natural habitat allowing you to enjoy and appreciate nature from up close. There are also nearby luxury apartments for rent that are comfortable and equally convenient to reside in if you decide to stay over. It is advisable to visit in the early mornings or late afternoons as it gets pretty hot during the day.


An escape to this beautiful lodge in Axim in the Western Region of Ghana is a definite activity to put on your to-do list while in Ghana on holiday. Enjoy a nice massage under coconut trees with a cool breeze and other pleasant attractions. The drive through the well-maintained road with thick palm nut branches hanging along the road makes the journey an adventure with a sight to see. The beautiful beach which, one may say, is even more beautiful than many of the beaches in Accra is the ideal destination to explore the outdoors and enjoy active eco-adventures. This lodge provides a spa and a boat for rides along its shores with beautifully arranged rocks. If you’re lucky, the ride may be serenaded by birds of different colours joyfully singing. The Lou Moon’s restaurant is designed with state-of-the-art African artefacts and with cuisines to match the setup. Also, when not dining, or to work up an appetite, badminton and archery are some games you can play at Lou Moon. The rooms are neatly organized with en-suite bathrooms. Some rooms have private swimming pools.


Busua is a fishing village in the Ahanta-West District of the Western Region in Ghana. It is the answer to a nature lover’s dream with chalets styled right on the shores of clean and white sand beaches making it a sight to wake up to. Like all the others mentioned above, this resort, boasts palatable cuisines spanning from local to continental, attracting locals, the diaspora and foreigners alike. It is located within about five hours’ drive from Accra. Tennis, beach volley, beach football, surfing, and kayaking are some games you may enjoy during your visit or stay here. This resort also allows you to enjoy luxury chalets, outdoor swimming pools, business centers, a night club, free WiFi and air conditioning to make your experience feel like a home away from home.

As the saying goes, seeing is believing. We encourage you to check the locations out when next you’re on holiday. When you do visit, take a picture and feel free to tag us, or share your experience. We hope you enjoy your next getaway! Many times, we think of vacations as a luxury, but they are also a necessity. The holiday season is approaching soon and people are already making plans on where to go and what to do while they’re there. Don’t Be left, Kindly follow xperience ghana for updates on offers to these destinations.