Six Reasons Why Ghana is the ideal Vacation destination.

Ghana is a wonderful place with beautiful cities, beaches and lots to explore, Tourism is one of the biggest industries and it has something for everyone. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Ghana is the 27th most populated and 9th most visited African country in the world. Travel has become very popular in Ghana the past few years, and why shouldn’t it be? This country is beautiful; It is a good place to visit with your family, friends and even solo. It also has lots of activities for people of all ages. This is why you need to visit Ghana.

First of all, welcome to Ghana, Akwaaba. A warm welcome to you on your arrival to the Democratic Republic of Ghana. As a Ghanaian, our rich culture and heritage depicts, is to welcome anyone or any traveler to our humble abode of warm hearty people. Ghana is a welcoming place, with people from all walks of life who are outgoing and merry makers. In Ghana any opportunity is an venue to make merry with our loved ones and the people arounds us, thus most people see Ghanaians as party people.

Ghana is a blessed land with richness in vegetation and wildlife. This is because it is the only country in the world that is covered in rain forests and deserts. This gives Ghana a wide range of flora and fauna and also makes it a bird and animal enthusiast’s paradise. Nature lovers and adventure tourists flock to Ghana to take part in jungle safari tours and bird watching expeditions that are made possible by the richness of the country in vegetation and wildlife. Ghana’s rich vegetation and wildlife offer visitors a wealth of experiences and adventurous places like the Shai Hill Forestry reserves, Kakum National Park, International Stingless Bee Centre, Mole National Park and as well as its ever-flowing waterfall like Boti, Akaa, Wli, Adom and others. Ghana also holds some of the highest mountain like the Mount Afadjato and the breast mountain, which gives adventurers an above sea level of the Country upon their reach to the top.

The Country holds an array of attractions, exciting and adventure activities. Accra being the capital city of Ghana, it holds most of the activities you can think of or partake in. From karaoke, dance, hiking, boat cruise paintball wars, to events such Afrochella, Volta fair, Chalewote, Inter Tourism Expo, AfroNation and the Year of return and beyond the return activities. This Event saw over thousands of travelers and tourist visiting Ghana for the first time. Ghana also hosts memorable annual festivals celebrated by the various ethnic / traditional / cultural groups to celebrate their tenets and Norms.

As Ghanaians we do not forget our history, as we hold it dearly to our hearts. As a visitor in Ghana going to a museum, is key in learning the documented history of the land. From the migration and amalgamation of the various ethnic factions, to the Colonial Era, to the Struggle of wining our independence. There are museums and historic sites like the Kwame Nkrumah Museum and castles that aim to educate individuals of our rich history.

People from the western world mostly seem to hold the narrative that natives of Africa, seem to live on trees and ride on the back of animals. Upon one’s arrival to the Kotoka International airport, travelers find this notion to be wrong. Ranging from 2 to 5-star hotel, Airbnb, resort and other accommodations, Ghana has it all.  The Country can boost of its 5-star Eco lodging called Zaine Lodge in the northern region, that gives travelers a feel of nature in a scenic and comforting way. Not also forgetting the world-renowned Lou Moon Resorts, with luxury accommodation and serving world class cuisine. As a tourist in Ghana, its recommended to try our locale delicacies like Waakye, fufu with light soup, Banku with tilapia and others. In any region or area, you find yourself lodging, there are restaurants that offer both local and continental dishes which may suit your taste buds. Also, there are platform leveraging on our digital space like Jumia foods, Localepalce, Bolt food and others where from a tap of your phone your can order this delicious food from the comfort of your homes. Wherever you locate yourself in Ghana, there is a hotel or restaurant that would suit your preference.

Your search is over and in your search for the best beach to visit this summer. You have finally reached the right place. Visit Ghana, the ideal Vacation destination this summer. Enjoy the warm beaches, the friendly people, the rich cultures, the festivals, the vibrant nightlife, the exotic cuisines, the natural wonders, the magnificent castles, the breath taking caves, the world heritage sites, the caves, the forests, the wildlife, the plains, the rivers, and the lakes