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5 Restaurants in Accra That Serve Great Ghanaian Dishes

There are a number of food vendors out there serving good local dishes. However, some groups of people love their dishes served in a serene and stylish environment that offers excellent customer services. It’s actually great to know such places in your city but if you don’t, this is your gist. Check out some of Accra’s local restaurants that serve great Ghanaian dishes;

  1. BUKA RESTAURANT: Buka restaurant is at Osu, one of Accra’s best hangout locations. They make very delicious jollof rice, grilled tilapia with banku and some very tasty Ghanaian soups such as groundnut soup. Buka serves other West African dishes. You should try their “eba”, a local Nigerian dish.

2. AZMERA RESTAURANT: Azmera is around Roman Ridge, Accra. Among its tall list of menu are Ghanaian dishes such as goat meat soup, fried plantain, banku with tilapia, etc. if you love having your buffet in a serene environment, this venue is excellent for you.

3. ASANKA LOCAL RESTAURANT: There are a number of branches in the capital city, notable are the branches at Osu and Madina. The menu here is 100% Ghanaian. Asanka local serves you banku and tilapia, banku with okro soup, fufu with soup, and a wide range of Ghanaian dishes you can think of. It’s a local Ghanaian setting here, more like a Ghanaian home.

4. SALMA’S EATERY AND PUB: It’s located at East Legon, behind the A&C Shopping Mall. The menu is very tall, with mostly Ghanaian dishes. You should try their banku and tilapia and also the fufu and soup. It’s just awesome! Salma’s serves breakfast too. It’s the perfect venue around East Legon that serves you the very best of Ghanaian and continental dishes with great cocktails and beverages.

5. THE CHOP BAR: The Chop Bar is your one stop venue for the Ghanaian food experience. Located inside the Achimota Retail Center and the A&C mall, The Chop Bar serves you a variety of local dishes. Come enjoy the waakye with fish, the fufu with soup, and the ampesi with palava sauce. It’s a Ghanaian flavor with a cool twist. Pass by and thank me later.

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