5 Ways to Improve Your Online/ Virtual Events

Event organizers across the event industries have had to rethink what physical attendance events would look like due to adhering to the COVID-19 protocols. One of the greatest turning points has been in the music industry, which mostly connects other cultural forms and industries and is highly patronized in Ghana. With most large physical attendance concerts out of the question, for the time being, artists and event organizers have had to shift live performing concerts to online platforms and organizers have to put their ingenuity to the test and come up with amazing virtual and socially distanced events to remind them of the trills of participating in an event.

A Musical Concert in Ghana

Some of our most patronized event organizers and performing artists had to come up with some creative platform like Mandela mile in collaboration with Afro nation organized for the Mandela mile after-party event. This saw the creation of a virtual space where people logged in to have fun and interact as if they were physically present at the event. Also, most event organizers and performing artists have had to partner with some event management like Clerk and also properly use the social media platforms to enhance audience participation.

A Picture of a Virtual Live Concert Organised in Ghana

These creators have had to adapt to different ways for their events in this current social climate and many realized that sometimes virtual concerts alone aren’t enough to draw in a large crowd. These are five (5) ways in which event organizer can improve their online concerts.

  1. Offer Branded Souvenir Packages

One other thing that also perks the attending of a concert has been exclusive branded merchandise received by attendees, and this doesn’t have to change with the shift to live virtual concerts. Offer exclusive merchandise like t-shirts, phone cases or stickers helps to keep records and receive feedback from attendees before, during, and after the event. Adding a merch package or add-on that can be purchased or given free alongside tickets to be delivered the home address of the audience.

2. Hosting Related Events to Hype up and Get Fans Excited

Building anticipation for an online concert by advertising or hosting weekly cameo relating to the theme of the event. Organizers can host a fan art contest with prizes like free tickets or merchandise. These extra event turns to open opportunities to grow target audience, sell merch, boost ticket sales, and create shareable content.

3. Create a Virtual VIP Experience

At physical events, the more you pay for a concert ticket, the closer you are to the performance. Even though everyone has the same attendance experience during a live virtual concert, Organizers can provide attendees with tiered experiences. Organizers may Offer VIP packages which include song requests, shout-outs, bonus content, video request with the performers all at a fee, would create an exclusive feel for attendees.

A VIP Section of an Event in Ghana

4. Include More Performers

Organizers can also bring on board a diverse number of performers for one larger event. These performers can headline these smaller events, like a virtual music festival, rather than featuring a single headliner. These performers appeal to their fan base, which in turn appeals to more interest and generates a greater number of attendees.

A Cluster of Star Performers in Ghana

5. Add Real-Time Chat

Being on a virtual event takes the trill out of the physical interaction with your friends and family at an event. Therefore, incorporating live streaming services like YouTube, Facebook live, Zoom, Twitch or Instagram live offer chat services so that attendees can interact with each other while they enjoy the virtual performance.

A Picture of a Live Streamed Event on YouTube with Real-Time Chat

All these are all aspects of live virtual concert that many organizers missing out on and when subsumed into your virtual events, would intensify the thrill and experience of the event.

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