Amazing Things to do in Accra

Accra, the capital city of Ghana is home to thousands of expatriates who are in the city for various reasons. The city, which was once known by its colonial name, Georgetown, is home to many historical sites, beaches, and landmarks. This city is a melting point of different cultures, making it a multi-ethnic city that has a significant presence of expatriates. The city is not only famous for its rich historical background but also its natural attractions. Accra, the capital city of Ghana, is where you find some of the most gifted people in the world. Once you locate yourself in Accra the capital of Ghana, whether as a native of the land or a traveller you will be overwhelmed by the things to do. Many of these things you can do even if you are alone. There are several things you can do for fun in Accra. Have a look at these amazing things to do in Accra.

  1. Paintball Wars

Paintball wars are becoming more popular amongst people of all ages. It is a great activity for all to enjoy and is not as expensive as people might think. It can be competitive and it is a great way for people to get together. It tests people’s planning abilities and team spirit. As you are anxious to participate in this game, join the Paintball Ghana at the Efua Sutherland Park on a weekend or the Paintball gods at East Legon to enjoy a day of adventure at a cool rate from 80 – 120 cedis. Individuals who desire to have to make a reservation ahead of time, as this game is thrilling, would be provided safety gear to fully enjoy the adventure.

2. Take a Break

With just 20 Ghana Cedis, you can enjoy any game in a chilling environment for friends and party people. Take a Break is an open environment for people of all walks of life to relax, socialize and have fun through fun games like board games, Video Games, Oware, Ludu, Card games, Uno, Table Tennis, Karaoke and Cocktails others. This comes off every Friday from 4 pm at the SID apartments in Dzorwulu.

3. Recreational Centre

A recreational centre is a space that is used by many people for amusement and pleasure. It’s an area that allows users to enjoy themselves and relax such as through the use of gym equipment, table tennis, and other such areas. But Deon recreational Centre gives you a different view of the recreational centre, from GO cart, football, Archery, Kayaking, Swimming to another host of events, Deon recreation centre welcomes you to its humble abode. All these activities range at a cost from 5 – 100gh respectively. The centre also has a scenic open-air restaurant that serves a host of delicious dishes.

4. Garden Picnic

A garden picnic is one of the best ways to enjoy nature and the great outdoors. When you are sitting on your patio or garden, you can’t help but dream about the scenic picnic you are having there. Picnics are great because they are also very easy to make, don’t require too much in the food department and can be adjusted in size to fit in with your budget. This Legon botanical garden has the best to offer you when desiring a picnic. The botanical has several activities Canoeing, High Rope Course, Canopy Walk, Fishing and others that you can pre-game before crowning the day off with the picnic. Also, Hyde Garden is another scenic environment for you to enjoy your picnic day. 

5. Accra Nightlife

Ghanaians are known to be party people and Ghana is a place where you can have fun. Nightlife is just one of the many things in Ghana and has now become a part of life for most millennials. Depending on what picks your interest, Accra has a hot spot to surprise you with the activity, its thrills, energy and hearty vibe of the people. From nightclubbing to trivia and game night, to karaoke centre, to Live band pubs, Accra offers it all.

It’s no secret that Accra can be a pretty cool city. It’s one of the fastest-growing cities in Africa and is home to some of the most amazing things to do and see. We hope you found our guide to the top things to do in Accra useful. We hope that you’ll be able to visit the city and explore the culture and local attractions as soon as possible.

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