Cape Three Point is at the southernmost tip of Ghana. On the map, you’ll see one tip, but when you climb the eighty-four-year-old lighthouse at the Cape, you’ll see something else!

Cape Three Point is best known for its lighthouses, the first of which was constructed in 1875 by the British as a navigational aid for trading vessels sailing through the Gulf of Guinea. The original structure has since become a ruin; however, this current lighthouse was completed in 1925 and is still functioning. Surrounded by Ghana’s only coastal rainforest reserve and many rolling hills, the village also has a few secondary attractions, such as relaxation, beach and sea activities, hiking and exploration of its cultural presence and colonial past.

Cape 3 Point is located between the coastal village of Dixcove and the town of Princes Town, Ghana. Cape Three Points is known as the “land nearest nowhere” because it is the land nearest a location in the sea which is at 0 latitudes, 0 longitudes and 0 altitudes (the distance is about 570 km). It marks the western end of the Gulf of Guinea.

The drive to Cape Three Points takes visitors through several rural communities, oil palm plantations and an extensive rubber plantation that was originally planted by Ghana’s first president some fifty years ago. You will view first-hand how fresh rubber is collected from the rubber trees, before being part-processed in Ghana and shipped to Europe. Between the views of crop farms and rubber plantations, you might have a bit of luck and run into a group of monkeys and also a wide variety of trees, birds and butterflies that inhabit this area.

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