Ghana The Delicious Way; A Look at Some Common Local Dishes

Ghana is made up of diverse cultures. It’s expected, considering the numerous ethnic groups in the country. As a result, there are different approaches towards societal issues vary. However, there’s always that bond of togetherness at the end of the day and a lot of traces. That’s what makes us proudly Ghanaian.

We show love, lots of it, we are so accommodating, we always want peace to reign and we love unity irrespective of where we are.  We have another common bond too; our common but delicious and healthy local dishes which we enjoy anywhere at and anytime. If you’ve probably not visited Ghana before, get ready to enjoy these mouth-watering local dishes of ours:

  1. Fufu With Goat Meat Soup

Visit the inlands of the country, specifically the Ashanti, Eastern and Brong Ahafo Regions and you’ll realize that a wife might be slapped by her husband if this food isn’t ready by 6pm daily. The people love this food and it’s the enthusiasm with which they enjoy the food that has made us love it too. Made from cassava, plantain and goat meat with soups like light soup, groundnut soup and palm nut soup, fufu is a rich source of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.

Fufu with Goat Meat Soup in Ghana

My northern folks prefer their fufu made from yam with the same goat meat soup. The value is still the same. There’s a lot of energy you get from eating fufu, and that’s probably why you find a lot of chop bars serving this food on their menus.

2. Waakye

Originally a dish from the northern regions of Ghana, Waakye has come to stay. Don’t be worried if your employee is distracted at work between the hours of 09:00 GMT and 11:00 GMT. This is the perfect brunch every Ghanaian wants to have. It’s made from a combination of rice and beans. Once ready, enjoy it with stew or shito, gari and spaghetti. Preferably add an egg, fish, meat and local salad made from vegetables. Are you having an appetite for the food already? Get ready to join long queues on our streets then.

Ghanaian Waakye

3. “Red-Red”

It has lots of names depending on location. I prefer “gɔbɛor “yɔɔ kɛ garri”. My folks on various university campuses will attest to the fact that this dish is a life saver for students. If you love low budgeted but tasty meals look no further. It’s originally made from boiled cowpea beans mixed with gari and palm oil. To make it even tastier, add soft fried plantains. Wow! It’s super tasty and a rich source of proteins and vitamins. This is a good dish for vegetarians. And o, enjoy this meal anytime of the day.

“Red-Red” Popularly called Beans Fried Ripe Plantain in Ghana

4. Boiled Yam or Plantain with Kontomire Stew And Koobi

This dish is a perfect definition of Ghana in one plate. Yam is from the north of Ghana or, plantain from the inlands as well as kontomire, a local vegetable from mainly the south of Ghana and koobi made from tilapia gotten from fresh water everywhere in Ghana.  It’s a rich source of carbohydrates and vitamins as well as proteins and is enjoyable as lunch or supper. Preferably, add boiled egg and avocado. Yummy!

5. Kenkey with Hot Pepper and Fried Fish

Originally enjoyed by the Ga’s in the coastal part of Ghana, kenkey with pepper and fish now a nationwide dish. It is cooked with corn dough and enjoyed with pepper sauce and fried fish. It is a good source of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins and it is so affordable on our streets. Enjoy this meal at any time of the day.

Kenkey with Hot Pepper, Shito and Fried Fish

6. Ghana Jollof

If you are a foreigner, you must certainly try Ghana Jollof Rice before you depart from the country. It is ranked as number one food in West Africa, with the point of origin marked as unknown. Nations such as Nigeria, The Gambia, Senegal, Liberia, Togo, Mali and Ghana herself are always debating about the origin of this food. Although all these countries use diverse methods in preparing it, Ghana Jollof still stands tall amongst the rest.

Ghanaian Jollof Rice with Chicken and Fried Ripe Plantain

Simply, it is a spicy tomato sauce rice with a protein source normally beef, fried chicken, egg or dry fishes. In Ghana, Jollof rice is garnished with salad leaves and macaroni. One cannot neglect adding special wine or soft drink to accompany this delightful mouth – watering dish.

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