Ghana has a lot of national eco-parks, perfect for silence and relaxing as well as a bit of exercising and adventuring through the firsthand view of the country’s rich vegetation and vast animal species. These eco-parks have onsite residential quarters or lodges and the most prestigious among these parks is Mole National Park. The Mole National Park is located in the Savannah Region of Ghana on savannah and riparian ecosystems at an elevation of 150 m, with a sharp escarpment forming the southern boundary of the park. The park’s entrance is reached through the nearby town of Larabanga. The Park sits within the Lovi and Mole Rivers and are ephemeral rivers flowing through the park, which also serves as drinking water holes during the long dry season.

Mole is rich in biodiversity and home to some 742 vascular plant species, over 90 mammal species including 5 primate species, of which species of conservation and tourist interest include Elephant, Buffalo, Kob, Western Hartebeest, Roan Antelope, Defassa Waterbuck, Oribi, Bohor Reedbuck and Red-flanked Duiker. Rare and endangered species include the Yellow-backed Duiker, Black and White Colobus Monkey, Leopard and Lion. The Park is also home to 334 bird species, 33 reptiles, 9 amphibian species, and some 120 butterfly species. The park offers spirit walks, hiking or safaris at a fee.

The national park has an on-site residential area, which is the Zaina Lodge. Nestled in the heart of the Mole Forest, Zaina Lodge in Ghana provides world-class hospitality service with a unique touch of nature. The Lodge has 25 rooms including its individual luxury tented chalets, complete with private balconies as well as indoor showers or outdoor showers for those who like to bathe under the stars and feel the calm breeze of nature. At Zaina Lodge, wake up to trumpets glorious of Elephants, wake up to nature.

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