The Impact of Covid 19 on Tourism in Africa

Covid-19 has affected almost every business and the African economy as a whole. With tourism and Hospitability being some of the big contributors to the economy. This sector has also had its fair share of challenges in wake of the Covid- 19 Pandemic. With the ban on social gathering and Nose mask safety protocols. Most countries are in the phase of re-opening their sea, land, and air space borders to people from worldwide corners to experience life and diverse culture post the pandemic, whiles abiding by the respective laid down safety guidelines by all regulations Authorities.

Although top tourism destinations, saw profits plummet as the coronavirus pandemic reduced numbers of both domestic and international tourists. Tourism Authorities and hoteliers Authorities (restaurant owner and hotel manager) are coming out with incentives like reduced cost at tourist sites, flight, hotels and restaurant to help boost the sector to its former glory, but with Africa’s developing health facilities.

Most people are concerned on how well of getting a COVID-19 Health certificate, which has to be 96 hours prior before being able to participate in any tourist activities. Previously International travellers were dealing with yellow-fever and malaria documents which were affordable and can be medically certified by most hospital.

A Group of Local Tourists at the Aburi Botanical Gardens in the Eastern Region, Ghana.

As to domestic Tourist, the fun still goes on as tourism agencies, tourist site and hoteliers organise events and packages for people. While All this is going on participants are obligated to wear a nose mask, observe social distancing, temperature checking and hand washing and sanitising.

As we combat the pandemic, however it’s a matter of wait and see how this will pan out. Meanwhile most Authorities and hoteliers remain optimistic that by the end of the year, they might see great performance in the sector and its businesses.

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