Top 5 Cities in Ghana for Food Lovers

Top 5 Cities in Ghana for Food Lovers

Whether you are a local or a visitor to Ghana, food is something to look forward to. Ghana has a rich variety of food to offer and another special thing is the distinct tastes of each region. As a Ghanaian, I have tasted some of the local delicacies from all regions but I always crave more. So, Xperience Ghana decided to rank the top 5 cities in Ghana to eat in. These cities will not disappoint you when you crave a local delicacy.

  1. Kumasi

Kumasi, a metropolis and the capital city of the Ashanti Region of Ghana. It is the second-largest most populous city in the country, next to the national capital. Kumasi is known for its colourful cultural heritage and one of it is its local dishes. 

Fufu with Palm-nut soup is largely enjoyed by the Akan people who are predominant in Kumasi. The people love this food and it’s the enthusiasm with which they enjoy the food that has made other people love it too. Fufu is made from pounded cassava and plantain; complemented with palm nut soup and goat or cow meat. Fufu can also be enjoyed with a variety of soups such as light soup, groundnut soup, kontomire soup and the combination of a palm nut and groundnut soup, this is locally called “Nkatebɛ”.

Ampesi (boiled yam and plantain) and Kontomire stew is another locally prepared delicacy you can find in Kumasi. The aroma that accompanies a dished plate of ampesi and kontomire stew can make your mouth watering.

You can enjoy these dishes at Adehyeman Gardens, Las Palmas Food Centre, Abusuaba Restaurant, Adinkra Restaurant, and many more.

2. Accra

Food is an essential fragment of culture no matter where in the world you are, so you absolutely can’t leave Accra without sampling some authentic Ghanaian cuisine. Here are some of the best local dishes and food experiences in the capital of Ghana, Accra. 

Kenkey and Fried Fish with pepper sauce are locally prepared and enjoyed by the custodians of Accra, the Ga people. Kenkey is made of corn dough and wrapped with corn husk. Banku with Okro Stew is another niche for the Ga people. Its usually served hot with stew containing dry fishes, Cow Hyde, Snail, Crabs and Tuna fish. Trust me, you’ll bit your fingers before you finish eating!

Due to the love of the food, it’s being sold at various joints in the Ga communities but doesn’t be surprised to see people enjoying it in other parts of the country.

Waakye, one of the most common dishes of the Zongo communities in Accra, is made from seasoned rice and beans; another option is Red-Red, a stew made from mashed beans served with fried plantain slices. To satisfy a carb craving, sample Jollof rice, a fried rice dish prepared with tomato and often served with egg, chicken, or beef.

You can enjoy these dishes at Buka Restaurant, Azmera Restaurant, The Chop Bar, Asanka Local Restaurant and many more.

3. Tamale

Ghanaian foods in Tamale are very assorted and delicious. They are prepared and eaten daily in homes, restaurants, and local food joints by most of the tribes in the Northern part of Ghana. Locally prepared meals in Tamale are a true melting pot of cookery effects from the various groups and nations that have settled in Ghana and the African continent at large. These meals are prepared using a variety of procedures and include a number of ingredients that replicate Ghana’s rich agricultural production and the varied, multi-ethnic groups that live in the northern part of Ghana.

These are some locally prepared dishes that are popularly enjoyed in Northern Ghana especially, Tamale: Tuo Zaafi, Pounded Yam, Waakye with meat and black pepper sauce, Omo Tuo with groundnut soup, Rice with cow meat stew, Koko made with Millet and Koose with bread.

Swad, The Hangout Restaurant and Coffee Shop, Bernard’s Takeout, The Dons pub are some popular restaurants you can enjoy your meal anytime you visit Tamale.

4. Techiman

Techiman is currently the capital city of the Bono East Region of Ghana. It’s noted for its busy commercial activities which also serves as a point of exchange in goods and services from the middle belt and the northern belt. There is diverse Ghanaian food cuisine that can be discovered and enjoyed in Techiman. Within the principal districts of the city, you’ll find that restaurants and food joints are self-owned and operated, and their foods are synonymous with that of Kumasi since they are affiliated with the Akan tribe. The foods themselves are not spicy but has an exclusive taste.

There are traditional dishes you can find in Techiman, such as Fufu with goat meat soup, banku and okro stew, assorted fried rice and chicken or fried fish, Kokonte with groundnut soup and Jollof rice.

Enjoy your delicious Ghanaian dishes at Obaa Yaa Chop Bar, Boomers Restaurant, White Rose Restaurant and many more.

5. Ho

Known as the heartbeat of the Volta Region, Ho is one of the ideal places to discover delicious Ghanaian dishes. Most of these local dishes are prepared by families and enjoyed at home. Have you ever tasted the famous Akple with Okro soup (fetridetsi) or herring stew (abɔbitadi), It’s yummy! Nevertheless, there are various restaurants and food joints within the principal districts of the city that serves such delicious meal. Another popular local meal is Red-Red, a stew made from mashed beans served with fried plantain slices.

If you happen to find yourself in Ho, locate any of these restaurants and enjoy a taste of Ghanaian dishes; Lord’s Garden Restaurant, Freedom Hotel and Restaurant, Christian Gardens Restaurant, and KCS Downtown. 

You don’t need to fly halfway across the world; try eating your way through these 5 cities this year.

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