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Upcoming Events to Watch Out For

Living in Ghana, Festival celebrations are event that everyone looks up to. Whether it be Culture, Traditional or Pop Cultural Festivals, Ghanaian are well known for going all out in celebrating these events. These festivals help to educate both the Old and Millennials and also serves as a forum to catch up with friends and family. If you don’t want to miss out on the festive season, these are some festivals you should look out for:

Homowo Festival

This is a harvest festival celebrated by the people of the Ga Traditional Area, in the Greater Accra Region. It originated from a period of great famine which was eventually followed by a bumper harvest in grain and fish. Thus, the word “Homowo”, literally means “hooting at hunger”. The main highlight of this month-long festival is the special dish prepared from ground corn, steamed and mixed with palm oil and eaten with palm nut soup. Prayers for a peaceful and prosperous year are offered. Each Ga chief is followed by a retinue with drumming, dancing and singing through his area where he sprinkles some of the special dish called “kpokpoi” and pours libation. It is merry-making for Gas, and visitors in particular are invited home to join in the feasting. This year the festival has been marked for 12th – 16th of August 2021 at Ga Mashie, James Town-Accra.

Chale Wote festival

The Chale Wote Street Art Festival also known as Chale Wote is an alternative platform that brings art, music, dance and performance out into the streets. The festival targets exchange between scores of local and international artists and patrons by creating and appreciating art together. As this event is known as climax for the summer season in Ghana, thus attracts thousands of people from all parts of the country as well as worldwide regions. This year’s event has been slated for the 20th – 22nd of August, 2021 on the Prof. Atta Mills High Street in James Town-Accra.

Asafotufiam Festival

The word ‘Asafotufiam’ comes from the word ‘Asafotufiami’ which in Dangme means ‘Divisional Firing of Musketry’. This festival is celebrated by the Adangmes in remembrance of how they fought a lot of wars in a bid to establish a territory for their people. Most famous among these wars are the Katamanso War of 1826, the Glover War of 1876, the invasion by the Anglos in 1770 and the battle of Nonobe in 1750. The people of Ada managed to withstand all these attacks and survived the wars, leading to the successful establishment and survival of the Ada kingdom. As the wars became frequent, rituals were put in place to welcome brave soldiers and war heroes back home. Some of these rituals included feet washing and the firing of muskets to announce their arrival. This event showcases the rich warrior heritage and culture of the Dangme people. This year the event has been slated for the first week of August, that is from the 4th – 9th of August, 2021 at Big Ada.

Wormanne Festival

The festival name, “Wormanne”, which means our home or homeland, is a measure put in place to project Korle-Gonno as a community within the Ablekuma South Constituency, that has a rich culture, a place of historic sites and a suitable tourist attraction. The festival is part of an initiative to improve the appeal for African Culture, Music, delicacy, heritage and Notion about the Community. Native tribe, the organizers of the event have marked 24th – 26th September, 2021 on the Rodger Avenue, Korle-Gonno, Accra for a spectacular display of what the community have to offer.

Wormanne Festival in Accra

The African Experience

The African Experience is a fundraising event organized by Pa’lynns Events to support non-governmental organizations through the exhibition, celebration and promotion of diverse African culture. This event focuses on sharing the African experience through pop culture, food, clothing, music, drinks and games to both Ghanaians and foreigners across the globe. The African Experience comes off on the 28th of August,2021 at the Unity Park Tantra. The event goes at a rate of 20gh for regular, 50gh for VIP and lastly 50gh for Combo Tickets. 

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