Upcoming Tour : Xperience Oti Tour

Xperience Ghana, your hub for exploring destinations, exchanging Heritages and experiencing culture embarks on a journey with you on a tour to one of the newly craved regions in Ghana, that holds rich history, culture and heritage. Amedzofe is a township located in the Oti Region of Ghana. The region homes the second highest mountain in Ghana and also the scenic ever flowing waterfalls.  


There’s going to be a fully air-conditioned mini-bus available at the Accra Mall to convey the tour team and tour participants from Accra to the Oti Region. The Xperience Ghana entourage would move from the Accra Mall through Tema, Akosombo, then to Peki and finally Mount Gemi.

The mountain is located within the outskirts of the township of Amedzofe in the Oti Region. The tour entourage would be led by the tour guide through an energetic and vagarious hike on the mountain, Eco tourism and sharing of historic facts.

After conquering the height of the mountain, the entourage would descend and have a picnic style lunch and proceed to the harmonic ever flowing Kulugu waterfalls. At the falls tour entourage would go on an adventure hike, sharing historic facts, scientific names and some shocking uses of certain trees and flowers around the falls and take a swim. After fun and excitement, the entourage would move back to Accra.

Date: 3rd December,2021


Pick up Point: Accra Mall

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